About Me

Alicia Flores, born in Cd. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, immigrated into the United States in 1965 at the age nine; naturalized United States citizen, Mother of five children and ten grandchildren. Started my elementary education in Mexico and completed it in Oxnard, CA; attended Oxnard high school and community college. In my teenage years worked in the agricultural fields in Oxnard, CA. Was a business owner of a convenience market for fifteen years. In 1998 worked for the State of California as a State Employee Office Tech., in 2000 worked for El Concilio Del Condado de Ventura.

Since 2006 have been serving as Vice-President of Congress of California Seniors, Since 2013 serving as a member of the Consumer Advisory from Gold Coast Health Plan, Since 2007 have been an Accredited Representative by the Board of Immigration Appeals and since 2005 have been the Executive Director of La Hermandad Hank Lacayo Youth & Family Center advocating for the Immigrant rights and Immigration Reform; Lobbing, Organizing different rallies including: the Gran Marcha in 2006 in Los Angeles, CA against the HR4437.

Accredited Representative by the Board of Immigration Appeal